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Calumet and Cross Board Meeting Agenda

PROPOSED AGENDA FOR THE AUGUST 5, 2018 CALUMET AND CROSS HERITAGE SOCIETY BOARD OF DIRECTORS MEETING 1. Invocation by Megan 2. Roll Call by Amy 3. Introduction of new board members 4. Approval of July 15th General and Annual Meeting Minutes (Attachment 1) 5. Report from Treasurer, Michael: Balances in Provident accounts and Paypal. Presentation of bills to be paid (Megan, Mark, others). Discussion of expected income; $500 from Facebook Fundraiser, $114.00 Schwan’s fundraiser; other. 6. Report from the Nominating Committee, Amy, Gabriel, Megan. Policies and procedures updates and recommendations. 7. President’s Report, Mark • Wisconsin Historical Society Annual Conference, October 26 & 27th, 2018, in Elkart Lake Wisconsin. Calumet and Cross has been asked to make a presentation from 9:15 - 10:15 a.m. on Friday, October 26th on “The Preservation of Brothertown Indian History.” In previous discussions we said we would like to focus on what Brothertown Indians themselves did to preserve our stories featuring Samson Occom, Joseph Johnson, Thomas Commuck and others. We want to create a bibliography that lists these contributions and their significance as well as a listing of non-Brothertown scholars who have made important contributions to understanding our history and heritage including W. De Loss Love, Joanna Brooks, Craig Cippola, and others. We are investigating if board members can participate remotely through Zoom or GoToMeeting, I will be in the conference Town Hall/Exhbit Space the rest of the time distributing our brochures, swag (later discussion) and can sell our 2019 calendars and Commuck Program Books. Megan is working on getting a credit card reader I can take to the conference. • Discussion of Workshop elements: • Explanation of C&CHS’ mission, activities, goals (2-3 minute) • Overview of Bibliography (5 minutes) • Recitation of 7-8-minute excerpt of Occom’s “Sermon Preached at the Execution Of Moses Paul, An Indian” (Attachment 2) • 7-10-minute video with Megan explaining the Samson Occom doll • Brief explanation of shape-note singing and Commuck’s annotation about the song they heard over the ocean before the arrival of whites (Old Indian Hymn) (3 minutes) • 7-minute shape-note singing video shot on February 3, 2018 • 15-minute question and answer • Other elements? Assignment of tasks. • Worked with Megan to get wampum jewelry listed for sale on newly-created C&CHS site on ebay. Also selling Commuck Program Books here • Worked with Amy & Megan to design and order 500 new brochures, 250 sheets od letterhead and envelopes, and business cards for Mark and Gabriel. Total cost @ $326.69. Also submitted tax-exempt information to Vistaprint so tax was not added to the order. Problem was noted with brochure so Vistaprint is doing a reprinting at no cost. • Registered C&CHS as a nonprofit in the state of Minnesota • Worked with Provident credit Union to have our statements emailed to Michael instead of our former registered agent in Wisconsin. Jeanenne Thompson is our new registered agent in Wisconsin. She resides in Kohler. 8. Update from Megan on 2019 Calendar Project: Do we want to increase the quantity printed? (Attachment 3) 9. Old Business: • Attracting volunteers. Posted need for volunteers on C&CHS website and Facebook page. May want to reach out to specific individuals if we think there might be an interest. Should we include volunteer grantwriter to the list? • Communications: Add link to Hamilton College article on Brothertown’s visit; add items to the important documents section of the website (IRS 990 confirmation 2017, other) add board member bios and photos to website. Other communication issues? • “Friends of C&CHS” idea to secure annual donations in exchange for benefits such as a newsletter subscription. Revisit at a later date. • Advertising that board meetings will be open to the public beginning in August 2018. Will post this on C&CHS website and Facebook page • Zoom renewal is due September 17, 2018 10. New Business • Swag for WHS Annual Conferences. Suggestions include journal and pen or herb seed packet with our logo on back. Other ideas? • Annual Report due 10/1/2018 • Amending C&CHS By-Laws to memorialize that no more than 1/3 of the board can be non-Brothertown, and/or change the date of our Annual Meeting which is listed in the By-Laws as October? • Other new business? 11. Date for September 2018 board meeting: September 9th, 10th, or 15th? 12. Adjourn

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