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Anniversary Journals for Sale

2023 marks the 300th anniversary of Samson Occom's birth year AND the 250th anniversary of the first Brothertown planning meeting. To celebrate, Calumet and Cross Heritage Society is selling limited edition commemorative journals!

The Occom 300th Anniversary journal features a soft-textured cover with Samson Occom’s signature and portrait, while the Eeyawquittoowauconnuck 250th Anniversary journal includes a star logo with names of the Brothertown parent tribes.

Both styles feature:

*256 white pages with gray lines

*Two ribbon markers (blue and silver)

*Dimensions: 7” x 9.69”

Price: $17.73 per journal + $5 flat rate shipping per address. Or purchase the Anniversary Set to get both journals for $35 + $5 shipping!

NOTE: If you are planning to join the anniversary bus trip in October, one journal will be included with the welcome packet for each bus rider. Now is your chance to get both!

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