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Exciting Ways To Support Calumet and Cross

1) Our Thomas Commuck booklet reprints have arrived and are available for sale on our shopping page: Single booklets are $13 each (shipping included) while 6 or more booklets are available for $7 each plus shipping. Buy a set of booklets, travel to your next local shape note singing event and take them for a spin. Or just read the story of the Brothertown Indians and their intergenerational singing traditions in this great little memento of the historic Brothertown/Yale shape note singing event. 2) In honor of his 60th birthday and in lieu of gifts, our Calumet and Cross president, Mark Baldwin began a campaign on Facebook to raise funds for Calumet and Cross Heritage Society Inc. So far, he has raised $350 of his $500 goal. If you’d like to help, please go to his Facebook fundraiser page at 3) Looking for a little help with dinner preparations? Bake up a fully prepared, delicious meal and support the work of Calumet and Cross at the same time with your Schwan’s order (good until October 10, 2018): https://www. schwans

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