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GoFundMe Update

Last month, we reached the halfway point in our fundraising goal for Preserving Brothertown Indian Burial Sites! This allowed us to start the fencing project. Local fencer, Dan Williams, brought out his equipment in early November and started clearing the perimeter of the burial site in old Brothertown, New York. Once he's done, he'll install a new fence with a local aesthetic. Photos of the progress can be seen at

But there's more work to be done!

We still need to raise funds to install flush markers for Esther Pouquenup and Prude Harry in the Deansboro Cemetery. Their headstones, which are from the early 1800s, are too fragile for repair. The markers will be placed near the headstones so that as the original headstones fade away, Esther and Prude will not be forgotten.

You can still contribute to this effort by donating through the GoFundMe site or by sending a donation directly to Calumet and Cross.

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