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Book Club, Tonight @ 7pm CT/8pm ET

The Book Club meets again tonight at 7pm Central / 8pm Eastern. We are reading W. DeLoss Love's Samson Occom, and the Christian Indians of New England.

All are welcome! And there's an electronic version of the book if you need it:

In case you missed the previous weeks, here's a quick recap:

Chap 1: The New England Fathers and Indian Civilizations

W.D.L. helps us understand the context in New England at the time. He describes how the colonial ministers in Virginia were different from those in New England. He also introduces Indian towns that existed in the mid-1600s, about 100 years before Occom helps to establish Brothertown, New York.

Chap 2: A Mohegan Youth

The chapter is probably misnamed as it has more to do with the various Native and non-Native people in and around Mohegan than it does about Occom himself. But we start to meet people and learn their relationships and locations.

Chap 3: The Indian Teacher at Montauk

Occom is 27 years old and begins working at Montauk. Here he’s a preacher as well as a school master, and we learn that he’s often called upon to settle disputes. An interesting side note is that Occom is a bookbinder, and if any of Rev. Samuel Buell’s books have survived, there may be a specimen of Occom’s work. He’s married to Mary Fowler in the autumn of 1751.

Chap 4: Wheelock’s Indian Charity School

Here we learned about all the different people who attended Moor’s Indian Charity School and Wheelock’s school in Lebanon. Names like Samson Wauby, Roger Wauby, Joseph Woolley, Hezekiah Calvin, Joseph Johnson, David Fowler, Aaron Occom, Isaiah Uncas, Tobias Shattock, John Shattock, Amy Johnson, Sarah Wyoge, Patience Johnson, Hannah Nonesuch, Hannah Poquiantup, and Mary Secutor stand out.

Chap 5: Occom's Missions to the Oneida Nation

Come tonight to hear all about it!